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We believe in simple but powerful ideas that come from effort and dedication. Passion as a way of working. Curiosity and continuous learning as our driving force. Transformation and recycling to keep innovating and improving.

In our graphic design and branding studio we are committed to dynamic identities with flexible systems that go beyond a simple symbol, as they allow us to provide the brand’s own DNA to a whole set of graphic pieces following a conceptual and aesthetic coherence. Research in design and knowledge of the environment make ideas adapt efficiently to the communication objectives.





STONE&WOOD2021ProfessionalConservas Son Sardina
CLAP PLATINIUM2021PackagingMaüa Chocolates
CLAP SELECCIÓN2021PackagingConservas Son Sardina
SELECTED BILBAO2021PackagingConservas Son Sardina
SELECTED BILBAO2021PackagingMaüa Chocolates
LATAMPACK2021PackagingMaüa Chocolates
SELECTED BILBAO2020IdentidadMixing Soup
CLAP SELECCIÓN2019IdentidadLombardi
CLAP SELECCIÓN2018IdentidadSolchefs
CLAP SELECCIÓN2014PackagingPinto Punto
CLAP SELECCIÓN2015IdentidadOutbox Network


Xisco Barceló
Founder & Creative Director

Estel Alcaraz
Designer & Art Director

xisco_barceloestudio 1


Jaume Mateu
Digital Advertising & Social Media

Mónica Serra

*We are connected to a wide network of professionals from different areas (marketing, illustration, programming, etc.) who join us depending on the magnitude of the project, which allows us to have an agile and dynamic structure.

Printed publications

We have been published in:
Infopack: Conservas Son Sardina. Octubre 21
Selected The Book_2021: Conservas Son Sardina
Selected The Book_2021: Maüa Chocolates
Favourite Design Book_2021: Todxs
AwakeDesign_2021: Be wine my friend
Selected The Book_2020: Mixing Soup
Favourite Design Book_2020 Packaging: Mmmpot
IdN Packaging design Vol25-3 2019: Pinto Punto y Bioreshop
Design and design Awards Vol9_(20.11.16): Kmana Concept
Design and design Awards Vol9_(25.10.16): Miquel Moll Alzina
Design and design Awards Vol9_(22.10.16): Mallorca Home Villas
Design and design Awards Vol9_(01.02.16):
Design and design Awards Vol9_(25.01.16): EZLAB Sneakers
Design and design Awards Vol9_(17.01.16): Ordinas Cahué
Chois Gallery nº 29_2016: Etiqueta vino Pinto Punto
Infopack 2016: Etiqueta vino Pinto Punto
Playful Graphics_2015: Etiqueta vino Pinto Punto
Design and design Awards Vol8_(10.01.15): JUPE
Design and design Awards Vol7_(16.11.14): Serveis electrics
Design and design Awards Vol7_(13.06.14): Vino Pinto Punto
Design and design Awards Vol7_(28.10.14): Outbox Network
Design and design Awards Vol7_(06.06.14) Serrasoc
Design and design Awards Vol7_(02.06.14): Self Business cards
Design and design Awards Vol6_(30.07.13): Self Promotion
10x Design and design Showcased

Digital publications

We have been in:
World Brand Design Society
Ib3 Radio
Macho Dominante
Packaging of the world
Design and design
No me toques las helvéticas
We and the color
Diario de Mallorca
Diari Ara

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Servei d´Emergències Illes Balears 112, Comisión Europea, Es Princep Hotel, PSIB-PSOE, Coves de Campanet, Qromia, Molí d´Events, DeepRoots Catering, Maüa Chocolates, Grupo Estena, Pabisa Hoteles, Illes Parquet, Illes Garden, EMCCAT, Value Group, Novias Leo, Ruiz Vera, Bioreshop, Urbiform, Polivas, Showforce, Spendlove, Restaurante Gustok, Mallorca Boats Services, Ramos&Brigitte, Serrasoc, Arquitecturazul, Solchefs.

Simply Son Braho, StarMed, Maiume, Missió 21, Manolo Rúa, Sanco, MÉS Consultes, Gulf, Serveisvyda, Farmacia Alemany, Emptyleg, Miró de Mesa, SanMartín, Citadelia, IT Supply, Citzzy, JobMapp, Gloval, MMA Arquitecte, NB Arquitectes, Mallorca Home Villas, Mármoles Moyá, Coric Construcciones, Calizas Capellà, JUPE, Serveis Elèctrics, LGS.

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