Flexibility is the key

Flexibility is the key


We optimize design costs by implementing flexible systems, adapting and applying the corporate DNA to the products so that they are all unique but similar at the same time.

Cost-effectiveness and scalability are strengths when considering flexible systems. On the one hand, we reduce design time and its consequent cost, in addition to facilitating its implementation since changes and new versions are much easier to create. On the other hand, the infinite number of combinations that can be generated always depends on the elements involved. The number of possibilities is exponential, which provides greater depth to the design and the brand.

What are flexible systems?

They are those that allow us to adapt a part of the corporate DNA to different media and share part of its essence.
If the bases of the corporate identity are correctly established, it is possible to establish a hierarchy of elements that will be common in all the designs, but at the same time, the combination of all of them will make them independent graphic pieces.
There are many ways to achieve this purpose, one of them is the container structure, where the fixed form contains the variable elements.
Another is the creation of a composition rules of the elements, it can be by means of a grid or fixed guidelines that provide an exponential variability to the number of elements used.

Where can flexible systems be applied?

Within branding there are several branches where systems have a place, as for example in the creation of a dynamic brand, a brand that mutates or evolves depending on its use or the variables that make it up. As a strong point is the adaptability to the support where it will appear and another is the versatility in the appearance in which it mutates and changes while retaining the same DNA.
Another case is the packaging, it can be applied in the different products or subproducts of the same range, in the creation and differentiation of product ranges, categories and so on.
It can also be programmed in the web part, a greater flexibility in the digital part that changes so fast and makes the adaptation to the media is paramount.

Interested in testing it with your project?

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